EP09 – Yur Mum: Anelise and Fabio

Yur Mum are a Brazilian rock duo, formed by Anelise Kunz (bass/Vocals) and Fabio Couto (drums), based in London. The band, who’ve been active since 2016, have played shows around the world, sharing the stage with DIY stalwarts like Maid Of Ace, Svetlanas, Healthy Junkies, Hands Off Gretel, I-Destroy & Dream Nails, as well as modern-day legends such as New Model Army, The Adolescents, Vice Squad, Kirk Brandon, UK Subs, The Vibrators and TV Smith.

In 2021 they signed to Chapter 22 Records, home of Dawn After Dark & Balaam And The Angel, in the UK and M&O Music in France for their new album, their first as a duo, Tropical Fuzz.

In order to write their future, the couple had to first revisit their roots, which resulted in a crossover of heavy rock, with melody, groove and a punk attitude.








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