<span class="dojodigital_toggle_title">Vertical Music Videos!</span>

if you don’t know, it’s music videos shown in a vertical format on a smartphone. usually, it comes as an alternative to the regular music video. turns out this format is at least 1 year old or older! i live under a rock. mostly pop pips use them. and I said, “so what?”. and I watched Halsey – “without me” on my phone.

and i said “siiick“. cos it becomes really intimate. just you and the singers. (S)he’s looking at you, just you. like a skype call. basically poor man’s vr soft porn. here’s a freshest example Emilia – Recalienta (Official Video)

so what does it mean? it’s still a fresh format and so far only hip-pop-pips use it. i think it has a potential in other music genres. and not as vr soft porn. there are creative ways to shoot in a vertical format. oh yea, definitely. that’s it. until next time. bye bye, fellow freaks