Merch: audio cassette tapes

Tapes are on my radar…again. Saw some fresh stats that tape sales increased in Germany and the UK (all links are below); Austria not so much.

Tapes are good: small portable size, cool designs (just like vinyl), the minimum order is 50 units.

Tapes are best for limited edition memorabilia merch.

Check out Ozzy’s tapes, notice 500 limited edition copies for the world; the design for The Strokes tape; the colour options of Enter Shikari tapes. Dope stuff.


Tape player option:

“IT’S OK”- Bluetooth 5.0 Cassette Player“When you listen to great music and want to share with friends, you can connect IT’S OK to a Bluetooth speaker and let others appreciate the beauty of music from a cassette as well.”

Reddit Cassette Culture:


Tape Printing: