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Musician! Here’s another music marketing tip that will help you on your quest.

Case: YUNGBLUD Encourages Fans to Write New Verse for “Parents” (Beyond the Stage, McLaughlin, 2021)

Yungblud posted on Instagram, asked his fans to freestyle a verse to his song on TikTok.

“go duet me , freestyle something your fookin mad about, talk about somethin you’re sad about !!! we could all kiss and eliminate the idea of gender in a toxic world.”

Used Instagram for the promo, TikTok to capture the fan input, later compiled the-best-of video.

Success. It became a trend “126,000 Tiktok videos.”, likes and follows, streams etc.

– the song “parents” and yungblud are in the centre
– participation of the audience in the content creation
– audience involvement
– right channels > TikTok “Duet Function”, Instagram for promotion
– proper CTA “go duet me…”
– right emotional trigger “fookin mad about…”
– give hope, but “imply about a future result without stating a specific guarantee” (Sugarman, 2006)