<span class="dojodigital_toggle_title">After The Burial</span>

Musician! Another one is for you.

“After The Burial merch and gear stolen from storage” (Lambgoat, 2021)

If there are no tours, it doesn’t mean your gear can’t be stolen. Go today or tomorrow and check that your local gear storage is properly secured.

2 Learn: if not on tour, secure your local storage; if on tour, get insured, park in well-lit areas, build a gear cage inside of your van, locks on everything, lookout person during load/unload, or sleep in the van.

Kirk Hammett said in a recent interview (Icons, Gibson, 2021) that in the early years of touring he never left his guitar out of sight and it was always with him, even when sleeping. And one day all the gear got stolen for real… except his guitar.