Let me write to you when I update this list

* update: 2 january 2020 still doing this *

* work in progress *

I’m doing research on music videos in general, so in the meantime, I will collect the best ones from the music genres that I like.

Now I’m concentrating on the stoner rock genre.

This list is based not on the quality of the songs, but on the visual component of the music video: how it flows with the song, how creative, what idea it conveys, how it was made, how unique it is, how stoner related it is, etc. And what’s most important: is it interesting for me as a music video director?

I’m dividing all theses videos into 5 categories:

Below is a temporary list. I still need to analyze quite a lot.

I just like the flow and the yellow palette.
30. Kyuss – Demon Cleaner (Official Video)
29. Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters – Mother Chub – Official Video
28. Fu Manchu – Asphalt Risin
27. Fu Manchu – Evil Eye
26. farflung “Endless Drifting Wreck”
25. Samavayo – Cross The Line (Official Video – Dakota)
24. JUGGERNAUGHT – my Daddy’s land
23. Weedeater – Mancoon
22. Shotgun Sawyer – “You Got to Run”
21. BRANT BJORK – Stackt (Official Video)
20. FORMING THE VOID – “Three Eyed Gazelle”
I like fire.
19. STEAK – Rising (Official Video)
The darkness
18. The Progerians – 2+6
17. Royal Thunder – April Showers
I like how it’s shot.
16. Truckfighters – Helium 28
Just dark
15. RED SWAMP – Waste
14. BISON BISON – Waiting For Saturn
They live cover.
13. Calliope – Sea of Red (2018)
12. Supersoul – The Manipulator
The flow
11. MARS RED SKY – Strong Reflection
The desert
10. Mancub – Gambler
9. Turbowolf – Let’s Die
I haven’t seen anyone using this theme in this music genre.
8. Planet of Zeus “Vanity Suit”
The motion is great.
7. THE SWORD – Cloak of Feathers
Looks good.
6. GREENLEAF – Good Ol’ Goat
A funny one.
5. RED FANG – “Wires”
An inspiration to make music videos.
A movie
3. We Hunt Buffalo | Back to the River
It just works.
2. The Fabulous Progerians – BLACK STORM
I just can’t stop watching.
1. Queens Of The Stone Age – Go With The Flow
Not a big surprise, but I still can’t find anything more visually entertaining in this genre.

More Videos

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